The 13th Goddess – the writing process

Posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The 13th Goddess: A missing persons mystery

The 13th Goddess

Finally, my situation is such that I am ready to renew my love affair with writing. Of course, the first question to be answered—which story to work on? It has taken me some time to answer this, as several of my novels have been clamoring for attention. However, in the end, the Goddesses made their demands the most fervently.

13th Goddess has gone through several rewrites but has always been perplexing because I could not find the right genre for it to reside. I believed the story was an archaeology thriller, but this never quite seemed to fit. I never could get the stakes up high enough to fit into the thriller category. But I was persistent, and kept trying, and each revision increased the action and increased the dangers, but it did not work. That was why I set the manuscript in a drawer and left it alone for a year; I needed some time and space.

Now I am convinced the way to write 13th Goddess is as a Missing Person Mystery. This removes the pressure of having “save the world” stakes, and makes the story ‘smaller scale’. Now, I can focus on Sophia Laden and Charlie Wykoff (their lives and pasts) and their relationship. I can watch the two grow as people, and watch as they react to the situations facing them.

The Plot remains basically the same: Roxanne Laden gave her week-old daughter, Sophia, to Catherine Laden and then disappeared into the Middle East somewhere. Then, 25 years later Marcus Hamlin dies, leaving an estate and a will, and instructions to find Roxanne. Sophia, thrilled at the thought of finding her lost mother, hires Charlie to help her locate Roxanne. Catherine, driven by greed, does not want Roxanne found and sends out a hoodlum (Vinnie) to prevent Charlie and Sophia from succeeding. The danger and action are basically the same. Charlie and Sophia will travel to Greece, Crete, Turkey, Jordan, Russia, and the Ukraine pursuing leads about Roxanne’s journeys. And, most importantly, the revolutionary Gynocentric archaeological dissertation Roxanne was working on will be discovered. And finally, the climatic confrontation on the cliffs at Meteora, Greece will occur, and the surprise ending will bring the mystery to a conclusion.

My plans are to create in depth character descriptions of each character before I write any words to this version of the novel. So, for the next week or so, I will get to know Sophia and Charlie, and Hamlin and Catherine, and Vinnie and the rest. I will endeavor to make daily entries updating the writing process. And so, The 13th Goddess journey continues…

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