The 13th Goddess – Roxanne Laden

Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Roxanne developed the Gynocentric Hypothesis

The Writing Process Continues: More on Roxanne Laden’s biography.

  • Roxanne , in the fall 1968, Roxanne enters the phd. program at UC Berkeley and forms a bond with the eminent archaeologist, Marcus Hamlin.
  • Hamlin takes Roxanne to Turkey with him for the summer dig 1969: Çatal Hüyük.
  • Roxanne develops a new hypothesis in the space of the summer’s dig and convinces Hamlin to let her stay for the winter to complete her research on her dissertation.
  • Roxanne’s dissertation: A male-dominated equestrian-based culture developed ca. 4500 BC and destroyed the millennium-years-old tradition of Gynocentric [female descent & rule].
  • Roxanne and Hamlin have a one-night stand and she gets pregnant.
  • Roxanne remains in the Middle East and spends the winter 1969-1970 researching and collecting artifacts.
  • May 1970, Hamlin returns to Turkey and is horrified to find Roxanne 9-months pregnant.
  • Roxanne presents her thesis to Hamlin but he loudly rejects it. [Mainly because he knows Roxanne is right and her brilliant thesis will destroy everything he has done in archaeology].
  • Roxanne is devastated; both because Hamlin has spurned her affections [her love,  and because he has rejected her thesis [her passion]
  • Hamlin demands that Roxanne have the baby on an American military base, and she return to the US.
  • Roxanne’s emotions change from heartbreak to anger, then rage, and finally to revenge.
  • Roxanne is now driven to prove Hamlin wrong. She knows she needs a couple more artifacts to complete her thesis. Her revenge and rage drive her actions.
  • Roxanne concocts a plan; once she has the baby, she will have a friend [Sally] take the child to the US and give to Catherine (Roxanne’s sister). Roxanne will take the next year to complete her work before returning to the US to publish, and to reclaim Sophia.
  • Roxanne and Sally go to the American base [Sinop] in time to deliver the baby [Sophia Laden].
  • Roxanne knows Hamlin will force her to take the baby to the US, so she kisses Sophia goodbye and slips away, promising to return as soon as she has completed her research.
  • Roxanne is never seen again.
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