The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

Posted on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Captain Asoph "Ate" Hill was mortally wounded not far from the Angle's stone wall. He died five days later.

The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

Seven hours of research finished up Companies ‘F’ and ‘G’.

These two companies, though both from Wilson County, were as different as night and day. Company F, commanded by Captain Asoph Hill, appears to have been a company suffering morale problems during the months leading up to Gettysburg. At the time of Gettysburg, only 15 men followed 3 officers, and a number of men had transferred out of the unit, finding new homes in other companies. However, the men remaining in the ranks behind Captain Hill were resolute. Eight would not return, including Hill, would was mortally wounded not far from the stone wall, and Pvt. James H. Sutton, who also was killed not far from where his captain fell.

Company G, on the other hand, went into the battle with three officers and 23 men. Captain William F. Graves led the formation that would suffer five killed by the time the campaign had ended. Other Wilson County men to lose their lives in Pickett’s Charge were; 1st Sgt. William Baird, Pvt. Hartwell Bradshaw, and Pvt. John Roberts. Pvt. James Grissom survived Pickett’s Charge, only to be killed by artillery fire as he retreated back across the open ground. And, Pvt. William Henry Harrison was killed in the fighting near Willoughby Run on July 1st. Ten more men fell, wounded and captured, leaving just 11 men remaining.

The following is Company F’s muster roll:

Company F

(3 officers & 15 men)

Rank Name Age Remarks
Capt. Asoph Hill 25 Wounded near stone wall (3 July), and captured.

Died of wounds, 8 July 63.

1st Lt. John Sloan 26
3rd Lt. Thomas L. Jennings 27 Wounded before reaching Emmitsburg Rd. (3 July).

Captured (5 July) near Greencastle, PA.

1st Sgt. James W. Ricketts
2nd Sgt. John R. Lanier 22
Cpl-1 John W. Keaton 25 Captured near Emmitsburg Rd (3 July).
Cpl-2 Abner B. Witt 24
Pvt-1 Richard W. Coley
Pvt-2 James H. Craft 20
Pvt-3 Gideon M. Jennings 20 Captured near stone wall (3 July).
Pvt-4 Archibald Johnson 31 Captured near stone wall (3 July).
Pvt-5 William N. Jones 26 Captured near Emmitsburg Rd (3 July).
Pvt-6 Enoch Potter
Pvt-7 William Ragain Captured near stone wall (3 July).
Pvt-8 John W. Shoemaker
Pvt-9 James H. Sutton Killed in Action, Pickett’s Charge (3 July 63).
Pvt-10 Jeremiah Turner 26
Pvt-11 Robert F. Whitlock 31
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