The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

Posted on Sunday, December 19th, 2010

The Battle of Gettysburg cost the 7th Tennessee 165 men out of its strength of 282

The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

15 hours finished the initial survey of the men in the 7th Tennessee. All ten companies have been studied and the veterans who composed the units at Gettysburg have been identified. I have recognized 282 men whose Confederate Military Records demonstrate they were present at the battle. Company B was the largest company, and Company F the smallest. Amazingly, 165 brave Tennesseans did not return from Pennsylvania, falling as killed or wounded, or as captured.

My next task was to examine the 1860 Census and locate these Tennesseans, hoping to discover their personal data. I sought to answer the following questions; 1) where did the man live? [town and county]; 2) who did he live with? [parents, wife, alone, etc.], 3) what was his pre-war occupation? 4) what was the value of his property, or his family’s property? And 5) what was his age? [so many of the volunteers appear to have lied about their age!!–Imagine that– I am assuming the Census figures are more accurate than whatever number the young man gave to the recruiter.]

Lori, at the Family History Center of one of the Charlotte branches of the Mormon Church was greatly helpful in guiding me through digital access to the 1860 Census. Without her my efforts would have been incredibly less productive.

At present there are about 100 soldiers that I still have to locate personal information about; the rest I feel I’ve obtained reasonably accurate data. It is a definite start.  Now, it is time to write the book!

Included below is a 7th Tennessee muster roll summation, dated June 30, 1863:

7th Tennessee Infantry

Regimental Combat Strength

30 June 1863

Unit Commander Officers Men Strength
Staff Col. John A. Fite 4 1 5
Co. A Capt. Jonathan S. Dowell 3 23 26
Co. B Capt. John Allen 4 44 48
Co. C 1st Lt. Oliver H. Foster 3 25 28
Co. D 1st Lt. James H. Martin 3 24 27
Co. E 1st Lt. Robert G. Miller 3 24 27
Co. F Capt. Asoph Hill 3 15 18
Co. G Capt. William F. Graves 3 23 26
Co. H 2nd Lt. William N. Tate 2 21 23
Co. I Capt. James Oren Bass 2 27 29
Co. K Capt. Archibald Norris 4 21 25
Total 34 248 282
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“The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor”

  • Shae Leighland-Pence says: December 21st, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    You can find details about Capt Marcus Lafayette Walsh, D Co, 7th Tenn here:

  • Shae Leighland-Pence says: December 21st, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    You can find details about Capt. Marcus Lafayette Walsh, D Co, 7th TN at the link above. He was my great-great-grandfather.

  • Todd Watts says: December 24th, 2010 at 3:42 am

    I am pleased to see this fine Regt being recognized. My Gr-Gr-grandfather, Pvt. R. Gibbs was in Co. B, but was detailed to the hospitals and ambulance trains during Gettysburg, having been wounded and partially crippled at Cedar Mt. in Aug., 1862. Still, these were his friends, neighbors, and likely relatives.

  • David Silvey says: August 8th, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Mr. Venner,
    My stepdaughter is very interested in the research of her g-g-grandfather, Cpl. Joseph Peter Bashaw who served in the 7th Tennessee Infantry, Company I.
    She has given me a 19-page document that Joseph Peter Bashaw had written sometime after the War. Her father has the original document and it was transcribed in 1974. It is titled “Some Of The Experiences of Joseph Peter Bashaw Confederate Soldier 1861-1865”. I have received permission from the family to send the transcribed copy to you if requested. It is a very interesting writing about his adventures during the war. It includes his tenure from the Cheat Mountain campaign to the surrender at Appomattox.
    I have been an avid Civil War enthusiast for 20 years to include Civil War Roundtable membership and some limited reenacting…..
    We would be very interested in purchasing your book upon completion…..
    Please let me know if you are interested in a copy of this document and I will e-mail the file in pdf format to you or mail….Good Luck with your book…..Dave

  • James Bashaw says: February 22nd, 2013 at 2:17 am

    I am very interested in the history of the 7th Tennessee as I am a descendent of Joseph Peter Bashaw. I was very surprised to find the previous entry by Mr. Silvey as I have a copy of his memoir as well. Until I read the post I was thinking you would enjoy it but it looks like I was beaten to the punch.

  • Gene Dorris says: September 8th, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    I am doing an article on the Dorris family at Gettysburg and noted in a review of Ferguson on the E Company that at least 20 soldiers were captured at Pickett’s charge on July 3 and another 4 in the retreat, your number for 27 combatants on the rolls on 30 June seem to low. As I know that at least one Dorris was not captured on that day, I am wondering what your source for combat strength may be and how many you think may have actually made the charge from E Company. Regards, Gene Dorris, Editor, Dorris Net

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