The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2011

The 7th Tennessee at Gettysburg was part of Archer's Brigade

The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor

The first day of writing; the review and research phase of the project is complete.

The first paragraph, and the first sentence are always the most difficult to write. I don’t know why I bother so much at this point because what is written on the first page most likely will not last anyway. But it is always nice to at least get started with something like the proper start.

It took 5 hours to put the first 1,200 words onto paper. Tomorrow I’ll look at what was written, revise, chop, and rewrite.

I began by introducing 3 main characters I will follow throughout the book: Col. John Fite, Lt. Col. Samuel George Shepard, and Captain Marcus Layafette Walsh. I plan to follow these men, and about a dozen more as the main speakers for the regiment. Of course, many other Tennesseans will get their places upon the pages.

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