The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor (Chapter 1)

Posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

None of the 7th Tenn.'s original captains still remained to command companies at Gettysburg.

The Writing Process – Tennessee Valor (Chapter 1)

I rewrote Chapter 1 during the past 12 hours. My goal was to create and strengthen the historical personalities with which I want to narrate the 7th Tennessee’s story. My other goal was to move most of the quotes I had buried in the footnotes and place them within the content of the chapter—basically I wanted to use the quotes to enhance and enrich the story

The chapter is about 5,750 words.

I’ve chosen the following Tennesseans to use as my voice:

Lt. Col. George Shepard—he is a cautious individual; considerate, contemplative, and quite aware of what is happening around him.

Col. John Fite—he is much the opposite of Shepard; impulsive, combative, and ready to meet any challenge head on. Together, Shepard and Fite make a really good leadership team.

Cpt. Lafayette Walsh—he is not a combat soldier. Instead, his responsibilities are solely in logistics. He is the supply officer in charge of providing the men of the 7th Tennessee with everything they need to live and fight.

Cpt. John Allen—A frail-statured company commander with an incredibly strong attitude. He is the most senior of the ten company commanders. His profane vocabulary is well known throughout the regiment.

Sgt. Billy Cato—A soldier only a few days from his 24th birthday. As many soldiers were, especially around their birthday, he is contemplative and questioning the wisdom of the 7th Tennessee being somewhere besides Tennessee.

Cpl. J. P. Bashaw—he is the son of a farmer. So much of what he views is through the lens of a farmboy.

Pvt. Tom Halloway—he is a teacher and a writer for a Lebanon newspaper. His immediate concerns are for food and shoes. He also wants to write about what he is experiencing.

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“The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor (Chapter 1)”

  • Shae Leighland-Pence says: July 29th, 2011 at 2:22 am

    So excited! Can’t wait to read the finished book…I am grateful that my great-great grandfather, Cpt Walsh, will be featured in the book. Thank you for all the research and work you’ve put into this.

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