The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor (Chapter 2)

Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011

Robert Hatton was 36 when he was commission as colonel of the 7th Tennessee.

The Writing Process — Tennessee Valor (Chapter 2)

I am now working on Chapter 2—the story of the formation of the 7th Tennessee. Five hours of work have garnered about 2, 750 words.

The chapter focuses on Robert Hatton, the 7th’s first colonel. He and Tennessee’s governor, Isham Harris were old enemies. In fact, while debating against each other for the Tennessee’s governorship the two came to physical blows. Their fist fight had to be broken up by spectators. Hatton won the fight, however Harris won the election.

Two riflemen were introduced, Archibald Norris and David Phillips. They were both teachers, and friends. The two were also messmates and would be for much of the war.

The following is a list of the companies and their commanding officers:

Unit Formation’s name County Captain Strength
Staff 7th Tennessee Infantry ——- Colonel Robert Hatton 13
A Wright’s Company Dekalb Robert Wright 86
B Moore’s Guards Smith John Fite 111
C Sumner Minutemen Sumner James Baber 91
D Harris Rifles Wilson Monroe Anderson 105
E Douglas’ Company Sumner Dewitt Douglas 93
F The Statesville Tigers Wilson Nathan Oakley 81
G Hurricane Rifles Wilson Samuel Shepard 101
H The Grays Wilson William Williamson 103
I Silver Spring Guards Wilson Joseph Anthony 101
K The Wilson Blues Wilson Thomas Bostick 113
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