150 Years Ago Amanda Wilson Wrote — April 20, 1861

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Amanda Wilson and her friends sewed a 30-foot flag with 2 sewing machines.

150 Years Ago Amanda Wilson Wrote — April 20, 1861

April 20 (Sat.): Commenced early as 8 to make the flag. Mrs. Folger and Mrs. Devon used their sewing machines.[1] Mrs. M., Mary, Anna, Em B., Lou P., Mattie O., Miss Folger, Caroline, Sallie, Minnie, Christiana, Angie B., and self all joined in and by night the flag was done. Had a good prayer for it and offered many cheers. Nealry all the neighbors present. George left – God bless and protect my brother.[2] May he return to us all again.[3]

[1] Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 23 April 1861, p. 1. The Enquirer contained an advertisement for a sewing machine: “SEWING MACHINES. IT’S SUPREMACY IS ESTABLISHED – GROVER & BAKER’S Celebrated Noiseless FAMILY Sewing Machine Is The Best in the Market for families to use who desire a stitch unrivaled for beauty, strength, and elasticity.” The Enquirer noted that the Grover and Baker Company was located at 58 West Fourth Street.

[2] Cincinnati Daily Commercial, 19 April 1861, p. 2. Amanda’s brother, George Landrum, was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Ohio Infantry. He left Cincinnati when the regiment was shifted to Columbus. Amanda’s husband, Obed Wilson was a member of the Guthrie Grays, which remained in Cincinnati. The paper followed the Guthrie Grays: “Great activity prevails at the Guthrie Grays’ armory. They have between three and four hundred men enrolled.” The article continued, “It is estimated the Guthries and the Continentals will be consolidated into a regiment.”

[3] Cincinnati Daily Commercial, 20 April 1861, p. 2. The Guthrie Grays progress was closely watched: “Great activity prevails at the various recruiting stations of the Guthrie Grays. Major Bosley reported last evening that he had eight hundred men enrolled.” The Commercial then went on to identify these formations as designated companies; A, B, C, D, E, and F.

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