Whispers Around the Campfire — June 28, 1861

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011

The 7th Tennessee remained in Camp Trousdale, TN in June 1861

Whispers Around the Campfire

A selection of writings from the men of the 7th Tennessee

June 28, 1861 – Camp Trousdale, Tennessee

Lt. Col. John Goodner wrote to Lizzie Floyd.

“We are under orders to be ready to march at a moment’s warning. So we may be hurried away from here with but an hour to prepare…

…Some think Lincoln will sue for peace in less than three months…

…Our troops are generally healthy except measles and mumps which prevail in great abundance…

…Got the finest horse in camp finely equipped. Had me a saddle made in Nashville for which I paid 65 dollars, with a pair of Navy repeaters on the holsters, a good sword, and luckily found me a very smart Negro boy a few days ago. He is a good cook and waits on me finely…

…We are living first rate but the amount of drill we are doing in the continual fog of dust and excessive heat is bearing hard on a good many…”

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