The 7th Tennessee Infantry; 150 Years Ago — August 1861

Posted on Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The 7th TN Infantry spent the month of August 1861 in the mountains of western Virginia.

The 7th Tennessee Infantry; 150 Years Ago — August 1861

On August 1, 1861 the 7th Tennessee left Millsboro, VA and marched westward into the mountains of Virginia, reaching Warm Springs that evening. The men of the 7th would remain in the mountains until nearly mid-November before returning to the Shenandoah Valley. During these bruising months the Tennesseans would discover the realities and hardships of war.

On August 1, 1861, an excited Pvt. Archibald Norris (Co. K) wrote, ““Left camp this morning about seven o’clock in a heavy rain. Trudged through mud and water on our way to Warm Springs, Va. Crossed Warm Spring Mountain, the highest I have seen yet. Bathed in Warm Springs, delightful. Altogether this was one of the most ‘impressive’ walks of my life.”

Three months later, on November 20, 1861, a completely frustrated Pvt. David Phillips (Co. K) wrote, ““This morning begins the last six months of our service. Day gloomy and rainy. During the past six months we have endured innumerable ills such as soldiers alone are heir to.”

During these trying months the men of the 7th Tennessee were transformed from innocent volunteer farm boys and students to veteran soldiers experienced in the ways of war. Nearly three dozen Tennesseans had died of disease or accidents (Pvt. William Bruce (Co. D) had been accidentally shot) and hundreds disabled by sickness.

Below is a chart showing the 7th Tennessee’s location for each day of August 1861:

July 31 Reached Millsboro in AM
August 1 From Millsboro marched to Warm Springs; 15 miles
August 2 From Warm Springs to Back Mtn.; 10 miles
August 3 From Back Mtn. to Huntersville; 8 miles
August 4 Huntersville
August 5 Huntersville
August 6 Huntersville
August 7 From Huntersville to Greenbrier Mtn. (Mingo Flats); 17 miles
August 8 From Greenbrier Mtn. (Mingo Flats) to Cheat Mtn. slopes; 14 miles
August 9 From Cheat Mtn. slopes (Pickets to Elk R. near Gaudy Mtn.)
August 10 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 11 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 12 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 13 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 14 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 15 Cheat Mtn. slopes
August 16 From Cheat Mtn. slopes to Mingo Flats; 14 miles
August 17 From Mingo Flats to halfway to Big Springs; 4 miles
August 18 From halfway to Big Springs to Stony Cr. (Dry Branch); 4 miles
August 19 Stony Cr. (Dry Branch)
August 20 Stony Cr. (Dry Branch)
August 21 Stony Cr. (Dry Branch)
August 22 Stony Cr. (Dry Branch)
August 23 From Stony Cr. (Dry Branch) to Valley Mtn.; 8 miles
August 24 Valley Mtn.
August 25 Valley Mtn.
August 26 Valley Mtn.
August 27 Valley Mtn.
August 28 Valley Mtn.
August 29 Valley Mtn.
August 30 Valley Mtn.
August 31 Valley Mtn.
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