Whispers Around the Campfire — August 1-3, 1861

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The 7th TN marched from Millsboro Station to Warm Springs.

Whispers Around the Campfire — August 1 – 3, 1861

Selected writings from men of the 7th Tennessee:

1 August 1861:

Robert Hatton letter to Sophia Hatton, dated 1 August 1861: “…On yesterday, my regiment moved from Millboro, in direction of this place [Warm Springs] and camped on the side of the mountain. The baggage was carried in wagons, the men traveling on foot. For the first time, I slept out doors, without even a tent. Laid down under a tree and slept until about 3 ½ o’clock this morning, when I was awakened by the rain falling in my face…

…Some of them [the soldiers] pulled their tents out of their wagons and set them. Others concluded, as I did, to take it…

…It rained for two and a half hours as hard as I ever saw—perfect torrents running through our encampment, sweeping tin pans, cups, etc., into the river. The boys bore it cheerfully; laughing and shouting, said they would ‘not longer be troubled by dust’…

…This [Warm Springs] is among the celebrated Summer resorts of Virginia. The water is said to be superior in medicinal properties. The baths are splendid…The boys have been luxuriating for two hours…

…Tomorrow we go from this resort of fashion, across another mountain toward Huntersville…

…The baggage is cut down so, that a wagon carries all belonging to whole company. Meat and bread, pickled pork and bread, coffee and sugar, is our ration…”

Archibald Norris journal– “Left camp this morning about seven o’clock in a heavy rain. Trudged through mud and water on our way to Warm Springs, Va. Crossed Warm Spring Mountain, the highest I have seen yet. Bathed in Warm Springs, delightful. Altogether this was one of the most ‘impressive’ walks of my life.”

2 August 1861:

Archibald Norris journal– “Left Warm Springs early. March over Back Mountain. Waded two rivers or creeks; Jackson Cr’k and Back river. Encamped on Back River at the residence of Col. Gatewood. Passed through a mountainous country.”

3 August 1861:

Archibald Norris journal– “Traveled over the main ridge of the Allegheny Mts. Ascent not so difficult as that of Warm Spring Mt. About three miles in length. Reached Huntersville, Pocahontas Co. Va. The headquarters of the Northwestern Army. Pitched tents in the rain.”

David Phillips journal– “Started early for Huntersville, where the regiment would get to by night, 25 miles distant. Traveled all day; very hot, rained some. Arrived at H. at sundown, found the boys in good spirits but very wet, it having rained hard on them. I was sorer than I ever was before.

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