Whispers from around the Campfire — August 5 – 10, 1861

Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2011

The 7th Tennessee remained in the mountains of western Virginia in early August 1861.

Whispers from around the Campfire – August 5 – 10, 1861

Selected writings from the 7th Tennessee Infantry

5 August 1861:

Archibald Norris- “Spent most of the day in camp. Were drilled in the regimental drill in the evening. The country is very thinly settled. This country contains only five thousand inhabitants and being 55 miles in length.”

6 August 1861:

Archibald Norris– “Spent the day as usual, had a heavy rain in the afternoon. Saw a Virginia regiment pass by. At the head of one of the companies was a woman. She seemed much jaded.”

7 August 1861:

Archibald Norris– “Struck the tents this morning and march northward. Passed Greenbrier River and crossed Greenbrier Mountain. Camped in a woodlot on the left side of the road. Had a wet time of it, but had rousing fires at night.”

8 August 1861:

Archibald Norris– “Resumed our march, passed through a country less mountainous than hitherto; growth mostly piney. Reached the camp at the northern border of P. Co., within a dozen miles of the enemy. Pitched our tents, etc.”

10 August 1861:

John Goodner letter to Lizzie Floyd, dated 10 August 1861- “It rains in torrents every day and we have been wet so often and have slept in the mud on the wet ground until we look more like hogs than men…

…We are encamped at the foot of one of the spires of Cheat Mountain about 8 miles from the enemy. We are awaiting to get a sufficiency of Flour and Salt hauled here from the railroad to allow us to advance on them. We are eating short allowances of beef…

…We do not know the exact strength of our enemy in these mountains here but from the best information we can get it is 15 to 20 thousand. Our force is not so large here. We have about 4 thousand here…”

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