7th Tennessee Infantry — August 25, 1861

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 7th Tennessee Infantry — August 25, 1861

Somehow mail got through the muddy mountain roads to Big Springs. Archibald Norris, of Company K, “Received a fine letter from Pa, Uncle Lamb and Aunt Betty. The first I had received since leaving Camp Trousdale. I read it over repeatedly.” Such letters must have been precious treasures to men in these circumstances…..Like a lifeline from home…Familiar handwriting….mention of familiar places and activities and friends. What would they have done to keep them dry and preserve them? Maybe Jeremiah Turner got a letter also. Later census records indicate that Jeremiah was able to read, although many could not.

Miles traveled since leaving Tennessee: 329

Order of Command:

Army of the Northwest: Lee

Loring’s Division

Anderson’s Brigade

Courtesy of Lamont Wade – http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Civil-War-Journal-Jeremiah-Turner-the-7th-Tennessee-Infantry/217025828317262?sk=notes


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