7th Tennessee Infantry — August 29, 1861 : western Virginia

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The rain continued in western Virginia

7th Tennessee Infantry — August 29, 1861 :  western Virginia

The rain continued. Captain John Goodner, who was in Company F with Jeremiah, wrote a letter to Lizzie Floyd, dated 29 August 1861- “I expected and sought a position where I could do something, consequently to be sent up in these mountains where it rains for a solid month without ceasing, even for a day, rendering the mountain roads impassible. Cooped up as we are [and] can go neither forward nor backward, without anything to eat scarcely and our men falling with sickness every day…

…We were reduced yesterday to two days supplies; no more flour nearer than 80 miles of us except a train of wagons which was stuck in the mud on the way. I took 15 men and went and met the wagons, worked the road, prized and pulled at the wagons until I got 38 of them to camp, which will increase our bread rations 2 or 3 days more…”


Miles traveled since leaving Tennessee: 329

Order of Command:

Army of the Northwest: Lee

Loring’s Division

Anderson’s Brigade


Courtesy of Lamont Wade – http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Civil-War-Journal-Jeremiah-Turner-the-7th-Tennessee-Infantry/217025828317262?sk=notes

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