7th Tennessee – November 10-11, 1861

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011

The 7th Tennessee remained in the western Virginia mountains as winter approached.


Writings of men of the 7th Tennessee: November 10-11, 1861

10 November 1861:

David Phillips- [outside Huntersville, WV] – “Had to go on picket. Went about two and a half miles from camps up Greenbrier river. There were ten in the company; were stationed at a farm house. Got plenty of sweet milk and butter. Read Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and his disastrous retreat.”

Robert Hatton –  [Huntersville, WV] – “… captains are to inspect their tents and … if any potatoes are found the men who have them in their possession are to send the potatoes to the Colonel’s quarters … Captains are to have their companies ready to move at daylight on the following morning … Captains and Lieutenants are to remain with their companies on the march, keeping them together and in their proper places in line, and allowing none to leave camp in the morning in advance of the regiment … send the sick to the rear of the regiment … Captains are not to allow their men to burn any of the rails near the encampment as well as to suppress all depredations upon private property that may come under their notice.”

11 November 1861:

David Phillips – [outside Huntersville, WV] – “Regiment received orders to go to Warm Springs. We were called off picket in morning.

Regiment left before we got back to camps; caught it at Huntersville. We camped three miles from Huntersville on the W. S. road. The news of our advance was announced about 8 o’clock p.m. Then arose a yell that would have paled the Indians and silenced their terrible war cry. Everybody seemed to be shouting at once.”

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