Tennessee Valor – Writing Update, Nov. 17, 2011

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The 7th Tennessee Infantry camped near Warm Springs WV in mid-November.

Tennessee Valor – Writing update

I am working on the rewrite of chapter 5, having completed rewrites of the first four chapters. The first four chapters total 108 pages and some 40,000 words. Chapter 5 describes the battle of Chancellorsville and the march into Pennsylvania. I hope to have all twelve chapters edited and rewritten by the end of December.

Here are three journal entries written on November 16 and 17, 1861:

16 November 1861:

David Phillips – [Warm Springs, VA] – “Dreadful time on poor soldiers in camp. Our tents are rotten and the gales tear them and upset them, leaving us exposed to the merciless and bitter winds. Archie [Norris] and I went out in the neighborhood about three miles to Col A. G. McGoffin and got some fine apples and a splendid dinner. Oh, it was fine indeed to us who have been accustomed to camp fare.”

Robert Hatton – [Warm Springs, VA] – “… W.H. Hull [a local store keeper] … You are ordered to sell no more whiskey to the soldiers at Warm Springs, and if it is found that you continue to sell it to them, a file of men will be ordered to destroy your Distillery.”

17 November 1861:

David Phillips – [Warms Springs, VA] – “Cold and high winds still raging. Camp life in cold weather is a very miserable one. The wind blows the smoke of the whole encampment along on the ground which makes the air dense with smoke everywhere. This circumstance puts our eyes out nearly. Everybody you can see is crying. While I write I can’t see the lines half the time.”


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