The 7th Tennessee Infantry (Company A) at Sharpsburg, MD

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012


The 7th Tennessee Infantry had less than 300 men for the Sharpsburg Campaign.


The 7th Tennessee Infantry went into the Sharpsburg campaign with a strength of 292. The fight at Harper’s Ferry on September 14th cost the regiment five casualties.

The rapid, 17-mile march from Harper’s Ferry to Sharpsburg on the morning of September 17 proved to be much too exhausting for most of the men in the regiment. Archer’s entire brigade reached Sharpsburg with a fighting strength of barely more than 250 men. The 7th’s estimate of men present for duty was less than 80 and they were led by the only staff officer to survive the march; Adj. George Howard. The regiment attacked and suffered 21 casualties, including Pvt. William D. Ricketts (Co. F), who was killed.

Company ‘A’, commanded by 2nd Lt. George Washington Cowen, numbered 22 at the start of the campaign. One rifleman, Pvt. John G. Nix was wounded in the fight at Harper’s Ferry. The race to Sharpsburg most likely reduced the company to less than 10. The small company, led by Lt. Cowen attacked the Union positions that afternoon on September 17 and lost one man; Pvt. John Close.

That evening, once the entire regiment had been reformed following the arrival of all the men who had not been able to keep up, Major Samuel Shepard ordered the re-organization of the regiment. In Company ‘A’, that meant George Cowen was promoted to 1st Lt; Burgess ‘Byrd’ Wilmouth moved up from 3rd Lt. to 2nd Lt.; George Gregston went from Sgt. to 3rd Lt.; James Winfrey was advanced from Sgt. to 1st Sgt.; and Pvt. George W. Reasonover was promoted to 2nd Sgt.

The regiment then followed Lee’s Army back across the Potomac, and was part of the fight at Shepherdstown On September 20th. Company ‘A’ lost one man in that skirmish; Pvt. Bartlett Warford.

Below, is the Sharpsburg campaign roster for Company ‘A’.



George W. Cowen

2nd Lt.

Promoted to 1st Lt., night of Sept. 17.
Burgess ‘Byrd’ Wilmouth

3rd Lt.

Promoted to 2nd Lt., night of Sept. 17.
George W. Gregston

2nd Sgt.

Promoted to 3rd Lt., night of Sept. 17.
James Winfrey

4th Sgt.

Promoted to 1st Sgt., night of Sept. 17.
Thomas W. Goodner

3rd Cpl.

William C. Griffin

4th Cpl.

John H. Allison

Pvt. – 1

Joab Bailiff

Pvt. – 2

John Close

Pvt. – 3

Wounded, Sharpsburg (Sept. 17)
James A. Donnell

Pvt. – 4

Robert D. Floyd

Pvt. – 5

Frank L. Foutch

Pvt. – 6

Levi D. Foutch

Pvt. – 7

William Hullett

Pvt. – 8

George W. Murray

Pvt. – 9

John G. Nix

Pvt. – 10

Wounded, Harper’s Ferry (Sept. 14)
Littleton Parkinson

Pvt. – 11

George W. Reasonover

Pvt. – 12

Promoted to 2nd Sgt., night of Sept. 17.
Daniel W. Snyder

Pvt. – 13

Bartlett Warford

Pvt. – 14

Wounded, Shepherdstown (Sept. 20)
John William

Pvt. – 15

William Willoughby

Pvt. – 16



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