The Maya Princess — an update

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2013

75 pages have now been completed.


The Maya Princess update:

The novel is progressing well, with over 75 pages now having been completed.

Each week since the last update I have added 2,000 to 3,000 words every week, and the story has now taken a life of its own. The main characters have been developed to the point the reader should be able to anticipate how they will react to each other, and to events.

I’m hoping by now the main character’s mission is well established, and enough sympathy has been developed the reader will care that the main character succeed.

I am also taking an anthropology class at Davidson College on reading Maya hieroglyphs. This course, led by the incredible instructor, Dr. William Ringle is presenting me with a good background in the Maya culture and the rudiments in how to read their hieroglyphics.

The Maya Princess novel moves forward, word-by-word, and page-by-page, each week. As of yet I have no way of predicting when the novel will be completed, though my goal is to have a story-length around 300 pages.


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