Maya Princess update — The Sandoval Stela

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013

The Sandoval Stela describes the history of the lost Maya site.

Writing progress continues!

Words keep getting added to the Maya Princess manuscript. I have now reached page 140 and the novel now is about halfway completed.

A critically important artifact in Maya Princess is the interpretation of a Maya Stela. This monument contains 60 Mayan glyph blocks which tell the new history of the lost Maya site. In order to create an accurate hieroglyphic re-creation I enrolled an in amazing class at Davidson College – Maya Hieroglyphics and Art, by Dr. Bill Ringle. He is a marvelous professor and his instruction enabled me to write in Mayan.

The stela, which is called the “Sandoval Stela” in the novel is composed of four passages.  The Columns read from left to right (A,B,C,D,E,F), and from top to bottom (1 through 11). The columns read in pairs (A-B), (C-D), and (E-F). They are as follows:


A1– A7


First Passage:

On 9 Ben, Lunar position G7, 6 K’umk’u (March 21, 1987) Lord Jaguar took up the responsibility of authority and ascended to power.



Second Passage:

Count forward 12 Kins 4 Winals (92 days)  to 10 Chikchan, Lunar Position G9, 13 Sotz’ (June 21, 1987) and on that date Lord Jaguar placed the 3 hearth stones, and danced in tribute, and dedicated the buildings of the city Lakam nah naabil.



Third Passage:

Count forward 17 Kins 17 Winals (2,157 days) to, Lunar Position G6, 9 Ik, 0 Sip (June 17, 1993) and on that date Spear-Thrower Owl took up his weapons and fought a fierce battle against the forces of evil and Spear-Thrower Owl killed captured many and killed many under the auspices of Lord Jaguar of the city Lakam nah naabil.



Fourth Passage:

Count forward 16 Kins 2 Winals 4 Tuns (776 days) to, 10 Etz’nab, Lunar Position G8, 16 Sotz’ (June 21, 1997) and on that date Lady 20 Years was sacrificed under the auspices of Lord Jaguar of the city Lakam nah naabil.

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