The Maya Princess — The writing process

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The writing has begun!

The writing has begun!

The writing of The Maya Princess has begun. Follow along as this story goes from an idea, to words on a page, to finished chapters, to complete manuscript.

The goal is to create a missing-persons mystery of approximately 70,000 words. This should make a book of about 300 pages. I write about three to four hours each day with the goal of adding 1,000 or more words to the manuscript.

My writing process each day begins with a reading of what has been written in the past two days and editing where necessary. This usually takes up to an hour. Then, new words are fashioned onto blank paper. Sometimes the words come easy, other times I can labor for a ten minutes or so trying to get the right words to get into line properly to make a single sentence! This entire writing process is what I love to do.

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