2012 -- Ann and I explored Maya sites in Guatemala. We stand upon a step pyramid at Ceibal.

2011 -- We went to Italy : The Trevi Fountain in Rome.

2010 — Ann and I visited Ireland and Northern Ireland. We stand not far from Dunlace Castle in Northern Ireland.
2009: Ann and I spent about a month in Cambridge, MA. Ann studied and practiced art while I wrote. We also visited some part of Boston each day. We are relaxing in front of Pete’s Coffee shop in Cambridge.



2009: Ann and I visited the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA. We enjoyed a week in California before Josh and Brianna's wedding.



2008: Amanda, Ann, and I savored a quick week of wonderful Mexican hospitality in Cancun. Accompanied by Ann's sister, Susan, and Norm, we are dressed for dinner.


2007: Ann and I visit the California Mission, La Purisima. All together, we spent a week in California and a week in Arizona.

2006: When the Israeli-Lebanon war broke out our housing compound was closed in order to take in war refugees. I took a short trip to Egypt.

2006: Me and my harem spent an astounding weekend at Petra; Jordan's most famous archaeological site. Here, we stand in the Siq with the remarkable Al Khazneh (the treasury) behind us. The harem consists of Ellen, Brenda, and Jeanne. Stephanie is trying to take a picture.

2006: Living for six weeks in the suburbs of Amman, Jordan, I invested in a kefiya and learned a smattering of Arabic.

2006: Ann and I traveled with Susan and Norm to Santa Fe, NM for a week. Here, we stand outside the mission church at the Taos pueblo.

2005: I spent four weeks in Boston studying Middle East archaeology at Harvard. I am at the Barking Crab with friends (L-R) Jerry, Annalise, Jeanne, and Don.

2004: My sister, Mary and I scoured the western counties of Ireland in search of castle ruins. Here, I stand in a doorway at Rosserick Abbey.

2003: Ann and I traveled to California. I stand on a walkway back down to the beach just outside of San Luis Obispo, my hands already loaded down with shells, stones, and other wonderful items Ann has gleaned from the sand.

2002: Ann and I stand before the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Aegean cruise ship spent two days in Istanbul. The Hagia Sofia is a Byzantine cathedral, rebuilt as a Moslem mosque

2002: Ann and traveled to Greece and got married! We honeymooned by exploring that fantastic country. Here, we stand before the temple of Apollo up in the mountains at Delphi.

2001: Mary and I explore one of the ring forts in County Clare, Ireland.

1986: I took a cruise of the upper parts of the Amazon (Peru, Columbia, and into Brazil). We visited a village deep in the jungle. The man was 20, the woman, 16, and the baby less than a year.