The Lost Company

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Date published – 1998
Page count – 277

If Civil War re-enactors could go back in time, how would they fare?

Lost Company answers this question.

Jack Hickman leads a group of serious re-enactors who get what they wished for – They go back in time. Hickman and his friends emerge from the fog of time-travel and find themselves in December 1862.

Lost Company follows Hickman and his friends as they are conscripted into the Federal army and marched toward Murfreesboro. The re-enactors know what is coming; the conflict called Stones River, but yet they are compelled to take part in that appalling battle.

How will these modern re-enactors measure up to the Civil War veterans? Can they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the old ones? Will they be able to handle the hardships of a winter campaign? And most importantly, what will the re-enactors do when the bullets start to fly?

Lost Company is a fast-paced novel tracing the adventures of Hickman and his friends. These re-enactors are forced to face their fears, endure exhaustion and winter’s harshness, and struggle with their own inner terrors as they prepare for battle.