MURDER IN MINOS will be a journey into the world of ancient Crete, as seen through the eyes of a Minoan woman.


Book Cover - Border - Murder in MinosOur main character, Alathea is in her early 40’s. She’s the mother of two children, now both adults, and recently (within the last year) widowed. Alathea’s husband was a ship captain, but unfortunately his galley sank off the coast of Anatolia during a fierce summer storm, killing all aboard. This tragedy was further compounded by the horrible fact; Knossos’ Royal Lord and his wife, the Queen, were also aboard.


Alathea had been an important woman in the Knossos court, serving her Royal Lord as the Royal Conciliator. However, with the death of her husband (and their Lord and his wife), Alathea was stripped of her title and exiled to her family’s estate in central Crete.

While Alathea struggled to recover from her own personal losses, Knossos’ new Lord was murdered, plunging the region’s political situation into horrible disarray, as the next in line to the throne is an 11-year-old boy.


Our story begins when Alathea is summoned to Knossos’ court and is ordered to discover the new Lord’s murderer, and by doing so, help establish a plan by which the 11-year-old Lord’s safety will be assured, and the area’s security maintained.